A well trained dog can do anything with you or for you.


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Attaboy Dog Training

Building a bond with you dog

Simply put to build a bond with your dog you need the most essential (yet free) component, TIME.

Many people adopt adult dogs and do not know what the past offered their dog. They could have been neglected or actively abused. Be assured it doesn’t matter any more because dogs do not remember in vivid detail like we humans do. This ability makes it easier to teach them that life is now good. So to start on square one with any dog/puppy we need to invest time, in the form of physical and mental exercise, playtime, and discipline. This recipe applies to all dogs and puppies but the quantities of each will differ from canine to canine.

Attaboy Dog Training offers a wide variety of classes and in-home training to help you in every area of your dogs’ needs. Please do not hesitate to call and talk to us about your dogs issues, I am sure you will find us welcoming and yet informative. I look forward to assisting you with all your dog training needs.