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Attaboy Dog Training



Many people that know me have learned that I am a fan of Remote Collar training. That being said the training needs to be done properly, you can’t just buy a collar and start correcting your dog. There is a very particular system to correctly introducing the remote collar at low levels into your training regimen.  

The first thing you need to do is to buy a good quality remote collar. The components of a good collar are : 1) It needs to be rechargeable (Batteries will cost you a small fortune) 2) The receiver style (this requires a verbal discussion) 3) It needs to have corrections that start very low yet have a high end, 4) The company needs to have good customer support.  When you start with good equipment the rest of the process is simple. I will say that while most of the “off” brand collars on Amazon that cost under $100 I have been    

un-impressed with. While these collars advertise that the collar has 100 levels, my experience with them is

that  they do not have a low level stim so the dog is yipping at level 5 making it unusable.


Remote Collar Training Equipment

Remote Collars Myths

There are many misunderstandings about remote collars and most stem from lack of information about them.  The way I start training with a remote collar is to have the pet owners feel the stimulation of the collar and their typical response is “Is that it?”. People tend to think of them like an electric fence which is extremely more powerful than a remote collar. If done properly your training experience will end up like many of clients that say “I wish I had done this a long time ago”  Call me for more info about remote collars.

Bear & Baxter’s


 (1-5 bones)

 The Pupsicle unscrews in the middle, making it super easy to fill, clean, and use as a dog distraction. Because it opens in the middle, you can fill it with extremely long-lasting treats or even pre-freeze treats to use later when you need them!

The Pupsicle is made from a non-toxic, BPA and Phthalate free natural rubber, very similar to other leading dog toys on the market.


Katie Beemer

Katrina Garlick

Owner: Karen Vaden

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